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Human Resources Architect - Building the right HR model for your organization: with a primary focus on new and proven strategies and tactics to increase revenue and create a competitive advantage for success; taking your organization to the next level.

    • Increased organizational productivity by 35% ($7 million) and job satisfaction by 75% in 6 months
    • Reduced unrealized employment costs by 65% ($3 million) in 3 months

Bringing Fortune 500 experience to the small or mid-size organization

NOTE: The difference between an HR Architect and an HR Manager: an Architect strategically develops and improves, a Manager/Director tactically upholds and maintains. For example: someone who designs your home and someone who maintains it. These are two different people with different skills and mind set.

Do you really need a seasoned Human Resources Consultant?

This site was developed to help you make an educated decision on the various consulting options for your needs within Human Resources starting with:

    • What are your current Human Resource needs for growth and productivity
    • Why are these needs not being met internally
    • Do you have the internal talent to complete the projects and fulfill the needs
    • Can you afford to reallocate the resources if you have the internal talent
    • How long have your needs existed
    • How long do you estimate it will take to complete the projects and fulfill your needs
    • Is the timeline realistic
    • What obstacles can you foresee using internal talent
    • What obstacles can you foresee outsourcing the function to an HR consultant
    • What are the possible results if completed by internal talent
    • What are the advantages to outsourcing this HR function vs. using internal talent
    • Can you afford not outsourcing the function
    • Do you want a quick fix or a permanent solution
    • What are the costs (or unrealized costs) and long-term benefits of outsourcing vs using internal talent

If you had questions about how to answer the above, then you'll need to determine:

    • What isn't working in the organization
    • Can it be successfully addressed and/or identified with internal talent
    • Does the internal talent possess the level of skill required to achieve the organizational goals
    • If not, then what level of HR consultant do you need to help answer and address the above
    • Can I get by with a generalist to help identify and determine the actual needs
    • Is a senior executive HR consultant required to achieve the strategic goals
    • Do you want this consultant to be able to:
      • strategically develop long-term solutions
      • successfully negotiate with internal and external clients
      • work closely with the executive team and CEO
      • coach all levels or your organization including the CEO on best practices
      • coach the executive team on competencies, business acumen, strategies, methods, character and behavior
      • implement proven best practices programs
      • customize competency models to fit the organization
      • take your organization to the next level
      • audit your current practices
      • address all practices
      • profile all staff for role compatibility and effectiveness
      • realign current staff for productivity
      • train on various interviewing techniques, change management, succession planning and coaching
    • Do you want this consultant to know current labor law
    • Do you want this consultant to have other specific practice experience

And if this is still a bit up in the air, lets talk and work through your needs and address each one individually.

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To the left you will find a series of links that will take you to the various HR practices with samples and examples of the work I'm proud to present. This may be a lot of information yet this site in not designed to inundate you but rather help you learn more about what my skills and talents bring to your organization.

Most links in each page open in a new window for your convenience and to allow you to navigate through the site with much more ease.

Feel free to email with any comments or questions. Email Contact Page


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